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Q: Is TruVista's Digital upgrade the same as the FCC DTV Transition?

No. Separate from the nationwide FCC over-the-air digital television transition, TruVista is in the process of upgrading our analog service to digital.

Q: Why are you making this change?

Our goal is to provide our customers with an advanced, competitive channel line-up and video offering. We are upgrading our network to provide channels in a digital format with digital-quality signals on all TVs connected to TruVista service. This migration will improve picture quality and allow us to offer more HD choices. In addition, our enhanced network will enable us to deliver faster Internet access speeds and enhanced home phone service.

The channels impacted by the network upgrade will vary by area. When the Digital Migration starts in your area, we will notify you (with email blasts and bill messages) about the upgrade and impacted channels in your area.

Q: What is a DTA (Digital Transport Adaptor)?

In order to get the benefits of our system upgrade, you will need to have either a DTA or a set-top box on each TV that you wish to receive channels. A DTA is a small black box that converts your signal and allows you to view channels in a digital format.

Q: How long should it take to install a DTA

The installation takes no more than 10 minutes. If you have questions, please go to our web site and watch the installation video.

Q: What do I do if the DTA “freezes”?

If the DTA freezes or becomes inoperable, unplug the power cord from the DTA for thirty seconds, then reconnect. The will reset the device.

Q: Do I have to use the remote that comes with the DTA?

No. Most TV remotes, can be programmed to work with cable boxes. Please reference the instructions that came with your TV. You may use the code for a Motorola Set Top box listed on the remote instructions that came with your television.

Q: How will this change affect my viewing of Prime Service?

If you do not already have a Digital to Analog (DTA) or converter box from TruVista, you will need to obtain one.

Q: Why do I need a DTA Converter Box?

The DTA converter box allows an analog TV to show digital channels. TruVista is migrating many channels to digital only. Thus, you will not see those channels without a set-top box or DTA. In the future, we will be migrating additional channels. Thus, we encourage you to get a DTA for each TV.

Q: Can I connect a Digital Converter box to a Digital TV?

Yes. You can connect a Digital converter box from TruVista to any Cable Ready TV.

Q: How much will the Digital converter box cost?

  • HD-DTA - $4.99

Q: What is the difference between a set-top box and a DTA?

A set-top box is a more advanced tuner that gives you a program guide, access to Pay-Per-View as well as access to any future On Demand deployments.

Q: How do I get my Digital converter box?

Visit our local TruVista retail location for pick-up. If you would like us to send a professional installer to your home to install the DTA or a set-top box, we will be happy to schedule that appointment.

Q: How do I install my new TruVista Digital Migration Equipment?

When you receive your new Digital Migration equipment, you will also receive instructions on how to install the equipment. You can also find a step-by-step installation instructional video on our web site at For further assistance with your installation, please call 1-800-768-1212.

Q: What will happen if I don't do anything for the Truvista Digital Migration?

In the future, when we add new channels and increase internet speeds to meet the needs of our customers, the number of channels that can be viewed without a DTA will decrease. Thus, we encourage all customers getting Prime service to obtain a DTA. Full customers should already have a set-top box which gives them access to everything. They may want to add a DTA to additional TVs.

Q: What do I do if my TruVista Digital Adapter (DTA) Remote Control is not working?

If your Digital Adapter remote control isn't working properly:

  • Make sure you have programmed the remote control for your TV using the steps and the codes included in the TruVista Remote Control Guide.
  • Make sure your batteries are working; replace if necessary

Q: How do I Connect a Digital Adapter (DTA) to a High-Definition TV (HDTV) to Continue Receiving Broadcast HD Channels?

If you have an HDTV, you should already have received an HD Set-Top box and should not need a DTA. If you have HDTVs that you are using without an HD set-top Box, then you may choose to follow the instructions below.

To continue receiving broadcast HD channels with a feed directly to your HDTV, you will need:

  • DTA
  • Splitter
  • Coaxial cable (x5)
  • A/B switch
  • To install:
  1. Connect one end of a coaxial cable to the wall
  2. Connect the other end of that coaxial cable to the IN of a splitter
  3. Connect a coaxial wire to the OUT of the splitter and to the IN of the A/B switch
  4. Connect a coaxial wire to the OUT of the splitter and to the IN of the DTA
  5. Connect a coaxial wire to the OUT of the DTA and to the IN of the A/B switch
  6. Connect a coaxial wire to the OUT of the A/B switch and to the IN of the television

To watch Limited Basic or broadcast HD channels, set the switch for the A/B switch to the correct setting (for example: 'B'). To watch any Expanded Basic/Starter channels in digital format, set the switch for the A/B switch to the correct setting (for example 'A').

*Please note: Some HDTVs may have two (2) RF inputs. If your HDTV has two RF inputs, you have the option of taking the output connections from the splitter and connecting them directly to the RF inputs of your TV, without using an A/B switch. You will need to select alternate inputs (RF1 or RF2) on your TV to switch between Limited Basic/Broadcast HD or Starter/Expanded Basic channels.

Q: How do I connect TiVo to my Digital Adapter (DTA) or Digital Set-Top Box?

Series1 or Series2 Single Tuner DVR:

You will need to connect your TiVo DVR to a Digital Adapter or a Digital set-top box from TruVista to continue receiving all of your channels. Please visit or contact TiVo for instructions on how to set up your TiVo DVR with TruVista Digital set-top box.

Series2 Dual Tuner DVR:

You will need to connect your TiVo DVR to a Digital Adapter or a Digital set-top box from TruVista to continue receiving all of your channels. However, connecting to a DTA will not allow you to use the TiVo's dual tuner functionality. To enable dual tuner functionality, you will need to use a TruVista Digital set-top box and a cable splitter (included in the Series2 Dual Tuner package). Note: Only one tuner will receive your complete channel lineup - your second tuner will receive only basic channels.

Please visit or contact TiVo for instructions on how to set up your TiVo DVR with a TruVista Digital set-top box.

Series3/HD DVRs:

If you do not already have CableCARDs installed in your TiVo DVR, you will need TruVista to provide you with:

  • Series3 HD DVR: Two (2) CableCARDs
  • TiVo HD or TiVo HD XL: Either one (1) M-Card or two (2) S-Cards

Q: If I want to drop down to Basic Cable what do I do with my DTA?

In order to reduce the service, you will need to return the DTA or set-top box to our TruVista office. After the equipment is returned, we can downgrade you to a lower service package.

Q: What happens if I am disconnected for non-payment?

If you are disconnected for non-payment, your account will be billed for the cost of the equipment owned by TruVista. Your account will be billed for our cost of the DTA or set-top box. If returned or if you reconnect your service, you will be credited back that amount. When you are disconnected for non-payment, your screen will display a message for 5 minutes and then it will go black.

Q: Why is the power button not working on my DTA remote?

The power button on the remote is meant for turning on and off your TV, not the DTA. The DTA is always on.


Q: How do I view an Email in a separate window?

Select the Email you would like to see in a full screen. Select the detach icon on the top tool bar.

Q: Will Macintosh browsers work on the new portal?

Our portal and Email client is developed to operate on IE/Firefox. Safari customers may therefore experience some rendering issues on the portal and may not access webmail due to the java handling of the browser. Our recommended solutions for these users are:

  • Recommend downloading Firefox
  • Set up MAC Mail for Email access

Q: How do I mark an Email message as SPAM?

Highlight it and click Junk on the toolbar. The Email is moved to your Junk folder and the spam-training filter is taught that the mail is junk.

Q: Can I only use Webmail with the new Email?

No! You can use webmail or any email program. Our email settings did not change. Follow the set up instructions and you can use Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail or any other Email software you would like.

Q: How do you single space when composing an Email?

Pressing enter on your keyboard.

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