TruVista Internet customers are required to use a compliant device in order to use the TruVista network without interruption and receive optimal service performance. Devices identified as not compliant may be subject to intermittent or no service.

Approved Modems

As a TruVista Internet customer, you are offered a TruVista owned, maintained and compliant modem when you subscribe to service. You may also choose to buy a modem that is certified by TruVista to work with your internet service.

Below are the modems that are compliant with all current TruVista Internet tiers.

Cable Modems

  • Arris TM804
  • Arris TM608G
  • Arris TM604G
  • Arris TM602G
  • Arris TM502G
  • Arris DG860
  • Arris TG862
  • Arris DG2470
  • Arris DG2472
  • Arris WTM552G
  • Arris WTM652G
  • SMARTRG 808

DSL Modems

  • Comtrend AR-5312U (Non-Bonded)
  • Comtrend NL-3112U (Bonded)
  • Comtrend NL-3120 (Bonded A/VDSL)
  • SMARTRG 808