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Always on, always connected with our High Speed Broadband!

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High Speed

Experience better streaming, faster download/upload speeds and a reliable connection. With High Speed Internet from TruVista, you can enjoy the Internet to the fullest! Find out below if you qualify for special pricing today!

Save up to $30 per month

with High Speed Broadband Support!

*May not be available in all areas. Actual speeds may vary. Other restrictions may apply.

To Qualify:

  • Submit information to confirm qualified
  • Must reside within the TruVista service area
  • In good standing with TruVista service payments

Service Includes:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Access
  • No Price Increases
  • No Activation or Equipment Rental Fees
  • Built-in Security Measures
High Speed Internet by TruVista

Always On, Always Connected, High Speed with TruVista

With TruVista Home Wi-Fi, you are able to connect with any Wi-Fi capable device, such as Smart TVs, video game consoles, laptops or computers, anywhere in your home with ease. Built-in security measures ensure that your network and family stays safe, secure and connected to what matters most.

Internet Assistance Application

Please use the application form below or call the FCC at 877-384-2575 to see if you qualify for Internet Assistance. Once you have confirmed eligibility, please visit us in store or call customer service at 800-768-1212 with your verification code to complete setup.

Applicant Information

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24/7 Customer Service by TruVista

TruVista is proud to offer 24/7 customer support that is 100% stateside. When you call us, you’ll reach representatives based in Georgia or South Carolina. Please call us today at 800-768-1212.