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We believe that reliable landline service is essential in today’s world and are proud to provide you with a wide array of choices for your home phone. With many packages to suit your needs, you can choose what’s right for your family including local calling only, unlimited long distance, calling features and voicemail.

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We offer the standard pay-per-use plan for domestic direct dialed calls including Alaska & Hawaii.


Our Nationwide Talk 250 plan provides 250 minutes of Direct Dialed Domestic calls including Alaska and Hawaii for a flat fee per month. Overage minutes are charged at a different rate.


Talk as long as you like on Direct Dialed Domestic calls for a flat monthly fee with our Unlimited Long Distance Plan.

Additional Services

TruVista also offers Toll Free numbers and Calling Cards that save you even more!

Long Distance Plans to fit
the way you live at a price
that’s just right!

Using your personal calling patterns,
our customer service representatives
can help you determine the most
cost-effective calling plan for your household.

Long Distance Plans

Get more out of your service with Custom Calling Features

With so many different Calling Features to choose from, you can select the ones that are right for you and your family. You may choose any number of custom Calling Features in any combination. Choose one or choose them all!


Enables you to receive messages when you are unavailable - even when you are on the phone.

Voicemail Notification Call

Alerts you by calling a pre-assigned telephone number to tell you when you have a voicemail message.

Voicemail Paging

Alerts you through your pager when you have a voicemail message.

Speed Call 8

Enables you to create a personalized list of up to 8 telephone numbers that may be dialed quickly by using an assigned code.

Call Waiting

Alerts you to incoming calls while you are on the phone.

Call Return *69

Tells you the number of your last incoming call, and will dial it for you automatically if you desire.

Repeat Dialing

Re-dials a busy number for you, then alerts you with a special ring when the number is no longer busy. Your call will be made automatically when you lift the handset.

Three-Way Calling

Enables you to place a second call while you are already on the phone so that you can add a third party to an existing conversation.

Stay in touch while protecting your privacy!

Phone Features


Identifies the name and number of callers before you answer your phone.


Identifies the name and number of callers before you answer your phone, or while you are on the phone.


Lets you choose up to 12 callers who can ring your line when activated. All other callers will hear a message that you are not accepting calls at this time. Great for shift workers who sleep during the day!

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