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Living in a rural area means that home phone service is a must. As a local provider for telephone for more than 125 years, we know what great service is all about. Sign up today to receive crystal-clear voice calls and secure, reliable connections you can count on!

  • Call Features
  • Phone Privacy
  • Long Distance
Call Features

Enables you to receive messages when you are unavailable.

Call Waiting
Alerts you to incoming calls while you are on the phone.

Repeat Dialing
Re-dials a busy number for you and alerts you with special ring.

Call Guardian
Enables you to block unwanted spam calls from Robo-Callers.

& More!

Phone Privacy

Caller ID - Name & Number
Identifies the name and number of callers before you answer your phone.

Deluxe Caller ID
Identifies the name and number of callers before you answer your phone, or while you are on the phone.

Special Call Acceptance
Lets you choose up to 12 callers who can ring your line when activated. All other callers will hear a message that you are not accepting calls at this time. Great for shift workers who sleep during the day!

Long Distance

Good Plan
Pay-per-use plan for domestic calls including Alaska & Hawaii.

Better Plan
250 minutes of domestic calls for a flat fee per month. Overage minutes are charged at a different rate.

Best Plan
Unlimited domestic calls for a flat monthly fee. No Overage!

Additional Services
Toll-free numbers and calling cards can save you even more!

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