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Broadband Internet

High Speed Internet

Get reliable, affordable Internet with speeds up to 1 Gig!

  • Multiple Speed Plans
  • Easy, Affordable Connections
  • Local, Reliable Service
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Fiber-Optic Services

Our 100% fiber optic network delivers reliable, ultra-fast speeds!

  • No More Bandwidth Wars
  • Equal Upload/Download Speeds
  • Weather Resistant & Future-Proof
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Umbrella Easy Protect

Cloud Security Service to keep your data & network undercover!

  • Protection From Malware
  • Prevent Data Theft
  • Fast & Reliable Infrastructure
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TruVista Video

Streaming TV Service you can watch on any device!

  • All Your Same Channels in HD
  • Multi-Screen Viewing
  • Parental Controls
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Security + Home Automation

Your security, automation & energy management system all in one.

  • 24/7 Peace of Mind
  • Security Monitoring
  • App-based Controls
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Business Solutions

Tailored business services for all businesses, small or large!

  • Reliable Solutions
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Local Support
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Fiber internet

We are investing in building a larger fiber network to reach more communities. Visit our fiber page to learn more about an upgraded experience.

managed wi-fi plus

Get 100% Whole-home Wi-Fi Coverage with enhanced performance, a secure network, and better reliability!

What is fiber?

UnParalleled High Speed

High Speed

Data is transmitted at the speed of light — literally — resulting in virtually ZERO signal loss, lag and buffering!

Future Proof


Fiber internet is fully able to support device requirements for years to come. No infrastructure upgrade required!

Weather Resistant


Coated in glass fibers, fiber optic cables don’t conduct electricity making them very resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Multi-Device Capability


Fiber has 10x more bandwidth to handle simultaneous usage of more devices with no throttling!

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