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Keep your data and your internet connection undercover! TruVista's Umbrella Easy Protect keeps your network protected before you fall victim to a cyber attack. With TruVista, you'll have as much lightning fast data as you want.

  • How It Works
  • Initial Defense
  • Easy Protect
How it works

As a secure gateway, Umbrella Easy Protect provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet. It helps to block those threats before they ever reach your network. By analyzing and learning from internet activity patterns, it automatically uncovers attackers’ infrastructures and proactively blocks requests to malicious destinations before the connection can be established.

Initial Defense

Umbrella Easy Protect protects at the DNS-layer before a threat ever reaches your network. Via a cloud-delivered firewall, this security system helps give you protection from cyber-attacks such as malware and phishing. It logs and inspects all web traffic and blocks suspicious traffic to your network helping keep your devices and your data safe.

Easy Protect

Umbrella Easy Protect powered by Cisco, delivers the fastest, most reliable and the most secure internet experience to over 100 million users daily. Umbrella Easy Protect stops phishing and malware infections early, identifies already infected devices faster, and helps prevent data theft.

What attacks Don't You See?

Hackers are paying attention, and they’re matching today’s technology innovations, no longer stealing data to extort but instead locking people out of their data unless a ransom is paid. They manipulate files, sabotage software, exploit vulnerabilities, intercept split-second online credit card transactions and hack connected devices. Built into the foundation of the internet, Umbrella Easy Protect blocks threats before they become attacks, securing users anywhere they go.

What attacks don't you see

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The Umbrella advantage

Reliable Cloud

Reliable Cloud

Cloud-delivered platform that identifies and blocks threats before they reach your network.

Predictive Intelligence


Stops threats before they can cause damage and reduces malware infections.

Broad Coverage


Prevents you from accessing malicious destinations without slowing your online activity.