Improve Your WiFi Internet Connection Speeds

  • In the center of your home or apartment for best coverage throughout. Or, alternately, in the center of the area where your wireless devices are used most.
  • At eye level (5 to 6 ft. - about the height of a fire place mantle).
  • In the open, without obstruction.
  • Away from known sources of wireless interference.

This will provide the greatest speed to these bandwidth intensive devices, but keep them from "overpowering" the needs of your mobile devices (tablets, laptops and smartphones) on your wireless network.

  • Always select the 5G connection when you see the option on your device's available networks screen.
  • Make sure the devices you purchase or replace support 5G and the latest WiFi standards (802.11n or 802.11ac).
  • Add new WiFi network adapters that support 5G and the latest WiFi standards to older devices where possible. These small adapters are available as inexpensive USB plug-ins.

Reboot your modem and router occasionally. This will force a refreshed auto channel selection and make better use of the device memory used to process your data. To reboot, unplug the power to your Internet modem and router, wait a moment, and plug it back in. If the modem and router are separate devices, be sure to plug the modem in first. Wait a few moments. Then, plug in the router. All your devices should automatically reconnect.