No Contracts.
No Kidding!

The same exemplary service as always without the hassle of a contract!

No Contracts. No Kidding!

Get More Flexibility with TruVista

No Contracts. No Kidding. TruVista is pleased to offer our customers the same exemplary service as always without the hassle of a contract. What does this mean exactly?

In short, this gives our customers more flexibility. For example, if you are moving and no longer need service, you may cancel without penalty. If you have had a change in your life circumstances, you may cancel. If you have decided to try another provider, you may cancel. Simple as that.

However, please remember if you are an existing TruVista customer, you may still be under a current contract that will remain in effect until the terms of your agreement are met. To take advantage of a special promotional price or offer, you may have been required to sign an agreement for a set time period and you will be required to fulfill that.

There are a few limited circumstances that will still require a contractual commitment including but not limited to Security and Home Automation service. Due to the high expense of the equipment provided to you when you activate service, it will be necessary to require a 3-year monitoring agreement. If you are a Wireless customer and purchase a new phone on a payment plan, you will be required to sign a contractual agreement to complete your payments per the arrangement. See store for details.

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